✪ The Scandinavian Star on Kos Barstreet ✪

Take a step inside the doors to a magical place located in the best spot on Kos Bar Street. With marvelous music, meters of shots, fishbowls and great service, we offer you the best experience the Greek Islands has to offer regarding party and entertainment. Come in and experience the mythical atmosphere that has enchanted our guests for decades.


West is the most popular and biggest night club on Kos Bar Street. Experience the unique atmosphere, from our Scandinavian DJs, order a metres length of shots, share a fish bowl with your friends and finally try our legendary lemon shots. Take a break from the music and the dancing on the tables by challenging your friends to a game of Beer Pong. The West magic is the reason guests have returned for centuries and we are famous for our service and quality.

West Bar | Bar street, Kos


Strand Beach Club | Kos

Strand Beach Club


With its 3 bars and central location on Kos Bar Street, West bar is the number one bar in Kos town and very easy to spot. By the end of the harbour promenade, the famous Bar Street “Plotarchou Blessa” rises with dozens of bars. You’ll find West Bar in the center and with our big star and giant Norwegian flag it’s impossible not to find us.

Strand Beach Club
In the middle of the Beach promenade, “Averof” in Kos Town, you’ll find Strand Beach Club. With our two restaurants and bars plus an area fitting 300 sun beds and a Beach Volley court, you can’t miss us on your beach walk.

Strand Beach Club

With West Bar becoming a more and more popular place, our guests required an experience with the same atmosphere as that of Bar Street. So, in 2003, the Strand Beach club joined when a small part of the beach was bought containing space for 20 sun beds. 12 years later it is an incredible journey that Strand Beach Club has had.

From initially being called West Beach, the name was once again changed with our expansion, to its current name, Strand Beach Club, which is now the biggest Beach Club in Kos Town, showcasing it’s two restaurants and bars including sun beds for more then 300 guests. With Beer Pong, Live Dj’s, Beach Volley and Watermelons filled with booze, our youngsters party all day together with our great staff to ensure our guests are having the best time possible.

On selected nights during the week, we arrange pre-parties with Happy Hour and during July, we have a selection of famous Scandinavian artists and dj’s that travel down to create an unforgettable experience during your vacation.

Partying at the Beach with pumping music and great service is something unique for Kos Island. As the biggest Beach Club in Kos Town we deliver with pride, a lively and entertaining experience for all our guests and make sure your vacation is just as you expected.